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Las Cruces, NM stands out as a city with high rates of unfair medical billing. Hospitals and physician groups are taking advantage of vulnerable patients in need of emergent care. These patients are often severely weakened or even unconscious. Given their conditions, patients don’t have the ability to negotiate the type of treatment they receive or the egregiously overpriced bill they receive only after the fact. This can happen through multiple scenarios two of which are price gouging and balance billing.

Price Gouging

This phrase describes when healthcare providers increase prices for medical services to levels that are considered unreasonable or unfair. It is an exploitative practice that often targets patients who have no choice in the costs of their treatment, such as people diagnosed with a deadly disease or patients in need of emergent care. In vulnerable states, patients should be able to trust their providers. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case in Las Cruces, where price gouging has become more and more common. Patients are even receiving bills for medical services that are 600% – 1000% higher than the rates paid by major insurance companies and state and federal governments for the exact same services.

Balance Billing

This term refers to the unethical practice of billing a patient in excess of what the patient’s health insurance pays for medical services provided. The patients insurance covers the medical services and pays the healthcare provider. However, the healthcare provider then also sends a bill to the patient for amounts in excess of what the patient’s insurance paid. This practice is called balance billing. In Las Cruces, NM balance billing is often an intentional strategy. Hospitals and physician intentionally remain outside of insurer networks and bill patients directly at higher rates.

There are other tactics that healthcare providers use to make money off of the residents of Las Cruces. Victims usually don’t even know that they’ve been taken advantage of until months later when they receive exorbitant surprise medical bills delivered by mail.

The state of New Mexico recognizes that its residents are being preyed upon and is in the process of introducing legislation to prevent predatory billing practices. These new regulations might make it harder, but they will not prevent healthcare providers from taking financial advantage of their patients.

The best way to protect yourself and future generations is to fight back. If you have received a surprise medical bill in Las Cruces NM, or believe that you are the victim of unethical medical billing in Las Cruces, NM you may be entitle to compensation. McGehee ★ Chang, Landgraf, Feiler Trial Lawyers can help and have a proven record of success.

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