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Were you surprised by a medical bill after visiting the hospital or emergency room?

Surprise medical bills can happen when you go to a hospital or emergency department whether or not you have health insurance.  Doctors and hospitals charge exorbitant amounts for medical care and the patients are left with the bill and little to no bargaining power.  Even for patients with health insurance, doctors will bill for amounts above and beyond what the patients’ insurance paid, if the insurance is accepted by the doctor at all. This is wrong.

These doctors are known as out-of-network doctors, and they typically charge fees that are many times greater (even more than six times greater) than what health insurance companies and federal and state government programs pay for the same services.  Many times, the patients’ health insurance isn’t accepted at all.  Patients also often go to a hospital that is in the network of their health insurance plan but the doctors who treat them at that hospital are not in their insurance’s network. At the end of the day, the patient is the one left with the bill.

These are just a few of the ways patients are being taken advantage of through medical billing practices. There are others! Contact us today to find out if we can help you fight back.

Have you received medical bills from:

  • EmCare
  • TeamHealth
  • Affilion, LLC
  • Rail Junction Emergency Physicians, LLC
  • Gila Regional Medical Center
  • Los Alamos Medical Center
  • Roosevelt General Hospital
  • Cibola General Hospital
  • MountainView Regional Medical Center
  • Gerald Chapman Regional Medical Center
  • Nor-Lea Hospital District
  • An Emergency Room Visit
  • A Surgical Procedure
  • An Anesthesiologist
  • A Radiologist
  • A Hospitalist
  • A NICU
  • A Doctor’s Group
  • Anyone Else

Have you received surprise medical bills within the following cities:

The Problem:

Each year, tens of thousands of patients go to the Emergency Room or receive other medical services. Then, only after the fact, does the patient open the mail and find a SURPRISE MEDICAL BILL that demands payment of high fees.

These surprise medical bills can occur because certain hospitals and doctor staffing agencies take advantage of the insurance system. These hospitals and agencies purposely target those who are the most vulnerable – those who need emergency medical care, surgery, or other hospitalization and have nowhere else to turn. Because these hospitals and agencies know that the patient has no other choice, they charge the patient at very high prices. Some targets of surprise medical providers are:

  • Emergency Room Patients
  • Surgery Patients Who Need Anesthesia or Pathology Consults
  • Patients Who Need X-rays, CAT Scans, or Other Radiology Services
  • Hospitalized Patients
  • Newborn Babies

Even in non-emergency situations, like when a patient selects an “in-network” hospital and an “in-network” surgeon for their care, these patients can get surprise bills. This is because the hospital and surgeon may be in-network, but the other doctors, like anesthesiologists and pathologists, are not. These other doctors charge “out-of-network” fees that are often 600% or more of the in-network rate. So the patient goes in thinking their insurance covers everything in-network, but finds out later that the insurance company will only pay a fraction of these bills. Patients do not find out until weeks later when these bills come in the mail.  Surprise!

Many times, every single doctor in the emergency room, in the anesthesia department, or from another specialty is out-of-network.

When patients are not able to pay, the providers send harassing letters, begin collection agency phone calls, or even sue the patient for the bill.

What starts out as a seemingly straightforward hospital stay quickly spirals into a nightmare of debt.


Multiple studies have been published showing the negative consequences of improper medical billing in the United States and New Mexico. The below links are examples of some of the studies:

The Solution:

We believe surprise bills are wrong.  Patients should not be trapped in a cycle of debt.  We need your help, as patients and citizens, to put an end to the surprise billing practice.

We are the law firm of McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf, Feiler. If you have received surprise medical bills or are having problems with medical bills, we may be able to help you get some of your money back or prevent you from having to pay high medical fees.  And you may be able to help us end this unfair scheme once and for all.

If you have high medical bills or surprise medical bills, let us help. Join the fight!

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